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Area: 3 acres

Three wishes guided this design; enhance glorious views; bring the featureless plot to life whilst keeping it rooted within its setting; and make 3 acres manageable by the clients in a few weekend hours. The answer was simplicity - and trees.  80 were chosen for the diversity of wildlife they would support and their suitability to the site.  Delicate Prunus yedoensis blossoms around the house in spring.   Summer is low key in shades of green; but autumn glows with Nyssa, Liquidambar, Gingko, purple beech and cherries. In winter, stems of Tilia cordata 'Winter Orange' are highlighted in low light.  

Capability Brown perfected the technique of the managed series of views: we were inspired to created natural stopping points with forks in paths, and clearings. A main destination is the path sloping around a low mound and opening between shrubs, (eventually), into the full impact of an oak framed view. 

The great existing oak is now at the centre of a large newly formed glade, its swing seat a treasure to be stumbled upon.  In the Swedish style (inspired by the house), fruit trees are discovered along sunnier edges of the new woodland. Further on, a circle of hawthorn, scarlet blossomed in May, awaits a small arbour one day -  wood burner, chair and writing table -  private yet connected to the house by glimpses back through the trees, a room of one's own.

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