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Area: 150 sq. m.

In every space a sense of discovery is possible.  Here, we sought out the character in the existing shrubs and trees, retaining many and pruning carefully, so the design had an instant air of maturity and enclosure. We reused most of the hard landscaping materials, substantially reducing waste.  A wild wisteria and vine, tamed, are supported by a wrought iron arbour, providing dappled shade to a new terrace in the far corner of the garden. The paths reveal different vistas within the garden, so it feels more expansive than it is.


A new design should feel as though it was was destined to be. Here, the unexpected result for the clients was that their habits changed with the garden.  We created glimpses of the slender arbour from the kitchen: this, and the changing colour and form around the garden, and pools of scent in different spaces, constantly drew them outside. This meant more space for everyone not only in the garden but in the house too.

These photos are taken one year after planting, but some years later new owners moved in and got in touch. By then the garden was lush with foliage, the fences hidden.  The succession of colour and scent through the seasons had lasted, and the new owners continue to look after it beautifully. 

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