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Area: 480 sq. m.

A soothing green sward mowed into perfect stripes was the recurring theme in our discussions. This long narrow garden was perfectly suited to a series of rooms. The first brings the inside out: a dining area planned beneath a pergola with views down the garden. Down a couple of steps is the longed for lawn, surrounded in a traditional manner by pretty beds. An archway leads to an enclosed area for the trampoline. Viewed through a frame of trained pears is a productive space of greenhouse filled with seed trays, neat rows of vegetables, fruit and flowers for picking.  

The garden work was divided into in stages,  The first "room" remains to be built, but other parts have taken shape.  We creatively reuse wherever we can: here it was the children's old play tower. We commissioned an expert joiner to assess the timbers, and fashion them into a large trellised arch. An old rose, with much watering and patience, eventually sent creamy white blooms up the trellised sides.

Now the trampoline has vanished behind a deep bed of witch hazel, hydrangeas, peonies and wintergreen perennials; raspberries flourish in the productive patch, the fences are softened by rose covered obelisks and and the lawn is verdant - and striped. 

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