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Area: 2 acres

This is our spot in Sussex, 2 acres newly portioned off from a larger, still grazed field.  We have begun by finding the views and best places to sit.  As the grasses lengthened last year, hand mown paths allowed narrow passage, brushing through feathery flowers.  There are a few wild flowers: pale thistles and pink rosebay willowherb in the sun near the hedge, buttercups threading through bare central zones, swathes of nettles by the trees.  Docks are rampant, but beautiful in form amongst the late summer grasses.

We have edited and planted a little, but the core of our work is first to look, closely. Considering the debates around native plants in our changing climate, we will plant species which would have been found here in former years, as well as those from further afield which may form a harmonious part of the wildlife community into the future.


Structure with a light touch is important if you are to feel welcome in a wild place.  So paths to seating areas will be lined with plums and greengages; vistas will be open; wild roses of all sizes will form pockets of sheltered scent for us, and habitats for wild creatures.  It will be managed organically. As with all the gardens we design, this is a shared space, home to  wildlife and human owners in equal measure.

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