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In large gardens it is obvious that there are a variety of design options. However clients with more compact plots can sometimes feel stuck.  These sets of drawings offer a glimpse of the  latent possibilities in every space. 

Images 1 - 4 are alternative masterplans. The garden is wide but shallow so we were addressing the dilemma of how to extend a generous eating terrace straight from the kitchen, then drop quickly to garden level 2 metres below without a forbidding wall. 

Images 5 - 7 form a set of  quick sketches (each an outline with mini perspective drawing below) for a 10m x 15m lightly sloping town garden.  The sketches were presented early on while considering the form a masterplan might take. 

Images 8 - 9 show nine "back of the envelope" dashed off outlines for clients who felt their 7m x 12m town garden held little potential.  We took the clients on a tour of these mini visual guides with their varied possibilities for planting, seating and general form, leading to constructive discussion before a masterplan was drawn up.


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