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Area: 230 sq. m.

The central theme of this show garden is that the actions we take at home have an impact on the world around us - and when we care for insects we set off a positive chain of environmental influence which extends beyond own boundaries. After plants, invertebrates are the most important life form on the planet:  "A Seed of Hope" was the first large international show garden to place insects centre stage, alongside the wildflowers which have evolved in harmony with them over 130 million years. 


All spaces designed by Beautiful Wild have nature at their heart: but it is vital that clients love their new look.  By fortunate coincidence, landscapes which support life above and below the soil through ecologically sound design and thoughtful insect friendly planting create deep serenity for their human inhabitants too.  This sense of peace and repose and the feeling that time had slowed for a moment was what most visitors to "A Seed of Hope" commented on as they paused, listened to the birdsong, and stood still for a while.

The Chateau of Chaumont-sur-Loire hosts the prestigious International Garden Festival each year alongside installations by world renowned sculptors and artists. The theme for their 30th anniversary Festival was "The Ideal Garden", and this was one of 24 designs chosen in a competition for designers across the globe.  The concept and design by Gini Denison-Pender of Beautiful Wild was brought to life by construction design team Carl Chaney and James Gleghorn of Greenscape Gardens, artist Louise Thompson, and the expert planting team of Margaret Harvey, Rebecca Shaw and Henrietta Dutton Williamson. Professor Dave Goulson, invertebrate expert, best selling author and founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, was our consultant.


Hover over this image of the garden in late June, 10 weeks after planting, for snapshots of the build in progress 

Design by Beautiful Wild for "A Seed of Hope" garden for invertebrates and wildflowers at the International Garden Festival
The "Seed of Hope" plot at Chaumont before work began
"A Seed of Hope" garden at Chaumont-sur-Loire after the hard landscaping but before internal hedges and plants arrived

January: bare earth and the outer boundary of hornbeam hedging.

The plan for "A Seed of Hope".  

March: hard landscaping wrapped up by Greenscape Gardens 

The planting team of Louise Thompson, Margaret Harvey, Gini Denison-Pender, Rebecca Shaw and Henrietta Dutton Williamson

April: the planting team - just after pinning fleece to protect the new plants, as snow and frost arrived at Chaumont.

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