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Beautiful Wild creates award winning gardens with a focus on the importance of our relationship with the natural world  and the creation of atmosphere through the flow of space.


A Beautiful Wild garden is a place to breathe deeply, to enjoy conviviality or solitude, to escape and dream.  It draws you outside and feels like an expression of the place itself, as though it always belonged and was just waiting to be discovered. Much of this derives from a taking the time to fully understand the purpose of the garden; paying careful attention to both function and form; and weaving in natural habitats to create a environment humming with life with an effect both invigorating and calming.


Your wishes are central to the design process. The designs have in common a sense of welcome and a deep connection with the natural world, however each one is developed with consideration and thoughtfulness to be unique to you.  


Gini founded Beautiful Wild as a return to a love of wildlife and nature formed through childhood expeditions in the English countryside and Austrian alps.  However the first decade of her career was spent as a lawyer representing the interests of children in public law proceedings, and this legal experience provides a solid basis of logical thinking, understanding client wishes, listening and communication - all important practicalities when taking  a project from early dreams to a completed garden.


Gini obtained RHS level II with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 2013 then a Postgraduate Diploma in Residential Landscape Design from the Oxford College of Garden Design.  She sits on the Sustainability Group of the Society of Garden Designers, with responsibility for our biodiversity guidelines. As SGD Regional Coordinator for the South East she engages experts to train designers on issues of sustainability. She volunteers with Inspiring the Future, is a Pre-registered member of the SGD, an Affiliate member of the Landscape Institute, an Associate member of the Linnean Society, and a member of her local Sussex and Kent Wildlife Trusts - enjoying the wonderful nature reserves in this region

Gini creates all concepts and designs for Beautiful Wild, then works collaboratively with others during the project: fellow designers with complementary skills, lighting experts, skilled artisans and other specialists. Construction is undertaken by award winning teams of highly experienced, reliable landscaping contractors  who work with care, precision and skill to bring your garden to life.



Gardens are for people.  But habitats of wild creatures occupy combinations of private and public spaces; our plants add to a mosaic which stretches beyond our  boundaries; our trees provide shady picnic spots and also have a cooling effect in urban heat islands; and our hedges are part of ecosystems invisible to us.  Your garden can enhance your life whilst extending a beneficial presence into the world around it.


Overuse of concrete and heat reflecting paving can feel harsh in a human context and has a negative effect on the natural world too.  We use hard landscaping elements thoughtfully, where they are integral to the success of the garden, reusing materials if possible and considering the provenance of any that are new.   Garden lovers have long appreciated the benefits of time outside and research now reaffirms the therapeutic and healing effect of immersion in green space.  Ecological and regenerative design can be implemented anywhere, from rolling rural acres to miniature urban sanctuaries, blending the wellbeing of people and wildlife in a harmonious and positive way. 




2021 was the 30th anniversary competition at the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival, France's version of the Chelsea Flower Show. The theme was "The Ideal Garden".  Gini's design "A Seed of Hope" was a capsule of the ideas at the centre of her work, exploring the 130 million year long coevolution of insects and wildflowers, the serenity we experience in gardens beneficial to wildlife, and the hope our private gardens can offer to the world around us.  It was one of 24 winning designs and was brought to life by construction design team Greenscape Gardens, artist Louise Thompson, planting volunteers, and our consultant: invertebrate expert and best selling author Professor Dave Goulson. The Festival was open from May to November 2022 with 500,000 visitors passing through. 

​Chaumont-sur-Loire hosts annual festivals of the arts, blending medieval history with exuberant installations. Permanent pieces by renowned figures such as  Andy Goldsworthy, El Anatsui and Guiseppe Penone are dotted around grounds overlooking the River Loire.




In 2023 for the Chelsea Flower Show Gini created the concept of a balcony garden about reading and rainforests to support children's reading charity Doorstep Library. Their volunteers bring the joy of reading into the homes of children who have no books, or no-one to read to them. There were many rainforest themed books to enjoy, and the garden highlighted the benefits of using European sourced timber in domestic gardens rather than importing tropical timbers - almost all which come from species in decline.  


This evolved into a collaborative project, including Philippa Craddock, creator of the iconic floral wedding arch for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Anna Garner, interior stylist for Hauser & Wirth, and artisans such as Natascha Wahl of global glass creatives Michael Ruh Studio who crafted bespoke bookshelves out of recycled glass bottles.  Greenscape Gardens were the expert construction design and landscape team, with invaluable input from a  large team of planting volunteers. The garden was awarded a silver medal and gave the vital and impactful work of Doorstep Library a Chelsea boost, with increased fundraising and new volunteers joining up.  Click below to visit the garden website, with more information on the collaboration, tropical timbers and  Doorstep Library, as well as a list of all the wonderful nature books in the garden - ideal if you are looking for inspiring reads for children!



Pro Landscaper is the leading business to business publication within the UK landscaping sector and the only organisation connecting all parts of the industry, including design, horticulture and construction.  Their awards are the only business focused awards within the industry, and highly respected.   It is an great honour for Beautiful Wild to be shortlisted, and a recognition of commitment to the environment in the practice and ethos of the business and the time spent devoted to promotion of knowledge about biodiversity within the garden design world.

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Garden Design Journal Aug 2023 with article on gardens for invertebrates by Gini Denison-Pender
"Havens for Tiny Things" by Gini Denison-Pender explaining how to create gardens in which invertebrates will thrive

Designing gardens for invertebrates. Garden Design Journal Aug/Sept 2022.

 Garden Design Journal June 2023 about the Doorstep Library Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 designed by Beautiful Wild
"The Doorstep Library Garden: Words Take You Places" in the Garden Design Journal June 2023

The Doorstep Library Garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Garden Design Journal June 2023.

RHS Garden Magazine August 2021 with an article about Gini Denison-Pender
"My Gardening Story", RHS Garden Magazine August 2021 about Gini Denison-Pender

RHS magazine, The Garden, August 2021.  Profile of Gini Denison-Pender.

Garden Design Journal Aug/Sept 2023. Article by Gini Denison-Pender on the use of sustainable timber in gardens.
"Sustainable Timber for Garden Construction", August 2023, Gini Denison-Pender

Sustainable timber use in gardens and landscapes - Garden Design Journal Aug/Sept 2023. 

Ideal Home - ideas for relaxing in the garden
Gardens Illustrated  - Doorstep Library Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

"The plan is beyond lovely! So utterly perfect !  I cannot stop looking at it:  everything I have ever wanted from a garden!"


"We love being in the garden.  It feels as if we are on holiday. Last night we sat out until 1am."

"Thank you for all your hard work; thank you for taking it all to heart and really caring about the end result....." 

“We bought a house with a large formal garden leading onto a field which we found rather austere and overwhelming to look out on and be in, and not suited to the wilder, prettier more informal look we wanted to create. Gini was wonderfully insightful in designing a softer garden more tailored to our needs and tastes. She really listened to our ideas and came up with a choice of design ideas for us to consider, timelines and choices of contractors for the landscape work. We are so delighted with the changes and really feel Gini’s vision and ideas have been beyond our expectations. The formal  have been replaced with a lovely mix of wilder looking grasses, perennials and herbs giving us something to enjoy in all seasons, and still enough lawned area for children (and adults) to play. A lovely kitchen garden and greenhouse area has been created in the field which leads into an orchard area with wildflower meadow. Gini has helped create a seamless flow to the different areas of the garden helping it feel less overwhelming and full of different beautiful areas and surprises. Little touches like thyme planted between steps and within paths, planting breaking up large stepped areas, and curved herb beds around vegetable planters have helped soften the structured areas. Last summer we noticed an abundance of bees and insects enjoying the garden and we are just delighted to encourage a greater biodiversity and feel more within nature within the garden. She’s also helped us to envision how we intend to renovate a barn and possible outdoor office, and add a wildlife pond and sauna area…. and designed the garden around these future plans so they will integrate beautifully into the space. Being fairly new to gardening and big spaces, we’ve found Gini’s input invaluable and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.  We’ve really appreciated her easy manner, professionalism, attention to detail and the high quality of work she has overseen and ensured.”

"Just had a look and my impression is wow – really excellent detail and clarity – thank you."

"The girls are sitting in the garden throughout the day.  It has become our new ‘room’ and is a great success. Girls now all saying how much they enjoy the garden."

"The agent who came to value the house said that the garden was a huge asset."

"I first heard of Gini and Beautiful Wild in an article in The Garden, the RHS magazine, in 2021.  I showed it to my husband and we were very impressed with Gini's ethics and philosophy.  Subsequently we met Gini and discussed how she could make our garden a beautiful space for us and the wildlife we share it with.  She drew up a lovely plan and work started very quickly.  Gini was very creative in achieving our perfect garden and before long we had a number of mature trees and a yew hedge planted and an amazing new deck was built. We were so pleased with the professionalism that Gini always displayed: she was  very respectful and conscientious with a high degree of integrity, knowledge and competence.  We can say the same for the teams that she brought in.  Greenscape Gardens were wonderful and also we were really pleased with Tills Innovations who created us a beautiful water feature. 

We now have a really beautiful front and back garden and love the ambience that Gini has created.  Our garden is full of wildlife - hedgehogs, stag beetles, bees, owls, bats, foxes, woodpeckers, butterflies and many more species.  We cannot recommend her highly enough."

In 2021 I asked Gini if she would redesign my garden and she prepared for me three lovely and very different designs to choose from.  Once I had chosen Gini worked out a planting scheme and went through all this carefully with me.  When everything was agreed Gini sorted out the team that was needed to create the garden and at each stage of its creation was at hand to oversee the work personally, with the minimum of interruption for me.  All Gini’s work was most professional and I was impressed by it’s high quality.  The finished garden has given me enormous pleasure and I am delighted that I asked Gini to create the garden.

"Two years ago, Gini crafted a truly enchanting garden for us. Throughout the entire process, Gini demonstrated excellence, and the final outcome surpassed all our expectations. Every step of the way, from conceptualisation to execution, Gini kept us well-informed and actively involved. It felt as though Gini was practically a resident, being present at every stage of the project! In addition to presenting us with wonderful designs and guiding us through various planting options, Gini always considered our personal tastes and preferences. For instance, she took into account my aversion to anything yellow, ensuring that our garden would reflect our unique style.

The result? A garden that could easily rival those showcased in prestigious flower shows. It seamlessly combines aesthetic allure with practical functionality, transforming our outdoor space into a natural extension of our indoor living area.

I wholeheartedly endorse Gini without reservation. Her professionalism and boundless creativity are truly remarkable."


Intriguing and immersive gardens.

Shared spaces for people and wildlife.

Ecological and regenerative design.

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