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A love affair with nature is at the heart of all Beautiful Wild designs. A deep sense of place is evoked with a light touch.   It is fundamental to every project that your wishes are central to the design process, there is a natural sense of flow, and the garden evolves into beauty.



In every new project the question of how to create a fluent and interesting client-focused design is set within the context of how the space will be enhanced for wildlife and play its own small role in larger questions of sustainability and climate.  There are varying estimates of the number of private gardens within the UK - somewhere between 15 and 23 million.  What is more certain is that they occupy over four times as much land as the UK's National Nature Reserves - more than 1 million acres of land.   In our view the notion of a "garden" first of all intimates a private space, a place of enjoyment for the people who use it.  But almost every garden can form part of a larger wildlife corridor; the habitats of birds, mammals and invertebrates occupy both subsections and combinations of our gardens and green spaces;  our choice of trees and other plants form part of a mosaic which stretches beyond our own boundaries; the shade provided by trees is known to have a beneficial cooling effect in urban "heat islands"; and the enclosure we provide with our hedges and quiet nooks becomes part of ecosystems invisible to us.   So the combination of these individual spaces and the way they are designed and built makes a difference to our native wildlife - and a small but worthwhile contribution to larger issues.  

Over-use of tropical timbers and concrete, chemicals and heat reflecting expanses of paving undoubtedly have a negative effect.  Beautiful Wild gardens minimise these elements, and focus on plants to create structure and delineation of spaces, saving hard materials for use when their functionality is integral to the success of the garden or they add definition and aesthetic appeal.  This is not an ascetic approach, but one which is at ease in the space between desire and responsibility, and enjoys the challenge of combining the two.

Garden and nature lovers have long appreciated the beneficial effects of nature: now, thankfully, research is catching up and confirming the positive effect of immersion in green spaces.  Ecological and sustainable design can be implemented anywhere, from rolling rural acres to miniature urban sanctuaries, blending the well-being of people and wildlife in a harmonious and positive way.

Beautiful Wild is a member of Ecologi, a pioneering environmental organisation which engages businesses in funding reforestation projects and carbon reduction projects in the UK and around the world.  You can learn more about Ecologi by clicking on the logo below.



I founded Beautiful Wild out of a belief in the central importance of our relationship with the natural world.  Delight in the meditative calmness of landscape;  the joy of immersion in nature; fascination with how the arrangement of space alters the feel of a place; and a love of artistic expression are all part of this.  Added to that are skills developed from nearly a decade in an earlier career as a lawyer: listening, logical thinking, and an understanding of good communication are all part of the practicalities of taking  a project from early dreams to a completed garden.

I completed RHS level II with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 2013,  before obtaining a postgraduate Diploma in Residential Landscape Design at the Oxford College of Garden Design.  I am a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers and an affiliate member of the Landscape Institute.


I have had wonderful opportunities to work with enthusiastic clients in gardens of all sizes.  I take on full projects across the South East of England: the gardens shown are in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London.  Online advice is available wherever you are.

To produce a finished project I work collaboratively with experts in their field: from fellow garden designers to skilled constructors and planting teams.  Good maintenance is vital to keep your garden looking lovely as it matures. I can help you to find gardeners who will do the hours you need, whether you have no time at all or green fingers which require only an occasional helping hand.  


"The girls are sitting in the garden throughout the day.  It has become our new ‘room’ and is a great success. Girls now all saying how much they enjoy the garden."


"Just had a look and my impression is wow – really excellent detail and clarity – thank you."


"We love being in the garden.  It feels as if we are on holiday. Last night we sat out until 1am."


"The plan is beyond lovely! So utterly perfect !  I can not stop looking at it: it would be everything I have ever wanted from a garden!"


"Thank you for all your hard work; thank you for taking it all to heart and really caring about the end result..... I can't wait for the trees to grow and the rest to fall into place. It will look fantastic in a simple and understated way."


"The agent who came to value the house said that the garden was a huge asset."



Intriguing and immersive gardens.

Ecologically designed, sustainably built.

Shared spaces for people and wildlife.

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