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Balcony Garden Area: 10 sq. m.

The Doorstep Library Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 is a cosy reading nook surrounded by an array of children's books on the natural world with a focus on rainforest flora and fauna. It is a reminder that special habitats like that will only be saved if the children find them fascinating and important and grow up caring about them - and reading is a vital part of that.


The garden supports Doorstep Library, whose volunteers visit young children with backpacks full of stories, bringing the joy of reading into homes where parents do not have time or money for books and children find reading a struggle.  We imagined children and parents snuggled into pillowy cushions surrounded by rainforest plants, losing themselves in books.

The balcony was constructed from the timber of a single Wiltshire grown Cedar of Lebanon, planted just after the coronation of King Charles I.   The tree had to be felled before it fell itself. It illustrates that tropical rainforest timbers are not needed for domestic use when beautiful and durable material is available more locally. Our plants all had a rainforest theme, each related to tropical or temperate rainforest species. Kokedama balls of moss and ferns completed the look. 


The concept and design by Beautiful Wild was brought to life by a unique collaboration of designers, world class artisans, talented landscapers and book lovers.  You can find more information on this silver medal winning garden, its plants, timbers, books, Doorstep Library and the collaboration at, and on our About page.

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Chelsea Flower Show During the Build
Greenscape Gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show

Take a peek at work in progress earlier in the week

Rainforest plants waiting to be planted at the Chelsea Flower Show

Day 2: Greenscape Gardens on construction.

Plants waiting.

Half way through the build.

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