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Listed building courtyard before the new light and airy planting design by Beautiful Wild

Hover to glimpse the courtyard before



Two small private spaces are surrounded by communal gardens. The building is listed and no structural changes were permitted. The brief was to make the spaces prettier and more inviting - while hardly making any changes at all. 

Area: 30 sq. m 


The appearance of the sunny front terrace was lifted and made more welcoming with elegant gravel planting by the wall, whilst attractive functionality arrived in the form of the bespoke log store, with lead roofing as a link with the existing planters.  


The planters were filled with pink flowering lavender, and a new stone trough below the window added enough space for more agapanthus, geraniums, and seasonal bulbs, making the space airily floral. Topiary lollipops in the front courtyard are at the precise height to divert attention from the heavy drainpipes which were previously rather too eye-catching. 

Area: 60 sq. m. 

At the back, again, existing planters were used.  However we also replaced a dry grass verge with a simple parterre. 


In this shadier space a blend of green and cream Hydrangea 'Little Lime', evergreens and spring bulbs lends a calm and collected air. 

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