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The 5 online options below offer a range of services outside the full scale design process.   You can begin with any of these options and then move to a full design service later, or you can simply use them as guides, giving you the confidence to embark on garden improvements yourself.  These services are effective ways, at any time, of bringing designer input into your garden without the cost of the full process on the Start to Finish page.  And right now they are useful ways of accessing advice if you are being careful about meeting face to face. 


If you want to create a border from scratch, our border design service is the ideal solution.  We will identify ideal plants to suit your garden style, specify the right species for the border conditions, and create a plan for you.   Once the Border Design Form is completed and payment received, your plan will be drawn up and sent you by email within 21 days.  


You will receive:

  • the plan

  • a pen and ink sketch showing the appearance of the mature border

  • a list of plants with their Latin and common names, quantities, and suggested pot sizes.

If you wish for additional information about your chosen species, to use use them with confidence elsewhere in the garden, you can request individual fact sheets. These describe ideal growing conditions, care tips, and a bit of background too.

This is a cost effective way of getting bespoke design input into your planting schemes.  Prices simply depend on border size. They are listed on the form.  


If you would like more information first, do let us know.  Or, if you are ready to dig in, please go directly to the Border Design Form.    Either way, we will respond to you by email within 2 working days.

Border Design


You may want to create a border yourself rather than following a plan, but have been putting it off, not knowing quite where to start, not wanting a random selection from a garden centre, and not having the luxury of hours to spend researching appropriate plants yourself.  This is a quick service to get you going. 


The form below has all the information we need to create a bespoke list.  We will recommend plants to fit the structure you want: low planting around a specimen tree; an airy grassy perennial look; shrub border; herb garden or more. The plants will suit the levels of shade or sun, the type of soil, and your chosen colour scheme.  Once the Plant List Form is completed and payment received, your list will be drawn up and emailed to you within 14 days.  You can then enjoy planning the detail yourself. deciding on the numbers you need, the sizes you want, and how you are going to arrange them.  


You will receive:

  • a list of plant species with their Latin and common names.  

  • enough additional information to give you confidence in arranging them: height and spread, what time of year their flowers or leaves are putting on their best display, and what sort of pruning or cutting back they need to keep them looking good.

 For additional information on your plants, to use them with confidence elsewhere in the garden, you can order individual fact sheets.

There is a fixed price for this, set out on the form.  If you have questions, please do ask.  Or you can proceed directly to the Plant List Form.   Either way, we will respond to your communication within 2 working days.

Sketch Plan


If you want a new look in your garden, using design solutions to help with issues such as making a space which works well for both children and adults, or dealing with a tricky view, and if you would like to figure out the detail for yourself but need some inspiration to get you going... this is for you.  This option is also perfect if you are handy with DIY or want to work with a local builder who can help you set things out and develop ideas.   

You will receive:

  • an outline plan, showing the way the garden would be laid out, and annotated so that you can easily adapt it to suit yourself

  • 2 pen and ink or colour perspective drawings showing how the garden would look from key viewpoints

In order to create the plan we have to consider the garden thoroughly, so if you would like a second plan this is available for a lower cost than the the first plan.

Once the Form below is completed and payment received, your plan will be created and sent you by email within 21 days, or 28 days if a second plan is required.  


Prices are set according to the size of the garden and are listed on the form

There are so many options for every garden... Send us your questions - or hurry straight to the Sketch Plan Form.  Either way we will respond within 2 working days.

Plant List


Maybe you have ideas but would like input from a designer to work out how to put them together into a coherent plan.  Or maybe you are not sure where to start and would like  a pair of fresh eyes to take a virtual look at the space and provide inspiration.


By completing some initial details about your space on the form below, and sending across some photos, whether it is a large wildflower meadow or pots for the balcony, we can respond with a selection of ideas by email to get you started.  Following that, you can email us a further set of your own questions, or,  if you prefer, schedule an online call over Zoom to discuss the ideas and refine them further.  Either way you can step back outside and start making plans with more confidence and ideas to develop.   

Once the form is completed and payment received, your written advice will be sent over by email within 14 days.

The fixed price for this service is set out on the Consultation Form. There is also an option for ongoing advice at an hourly rate


To help you decide, you can click on the "Ask a Question" button below.    Or if you already know this is the right option for you you can access the form directly below.  Either way we will respond within 2 working days. 



If you would like to combine some or all of the services above, or if you have already used one service and would like to follow up with another, please get in touch for an individual quote.  We will respond within 2 working days with a price and a time estimate for the work.

Intriguing and immersive gardens.

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