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Area: 225 sq. m.

This was a garden of triangles - and a fence hoving into view from all points.  we started, as always, with the family's needs: adventures for three children; calm zones for parents.  The triangles offered both challenge and solution.  The sunny space by the kitchen door is now home to a round terrace. Posts around it will be festooned with roses, offering privacy from neighbouring windows without unwanted shade. The corner beyond is filled with raised vegetable beds and a hidden compost heap.

A curving brick path leads through beds of tall cosmos into the children's triangle, where a kidney shaped lawn weaves around birch trees, and a stepping stone path treads through borders to a log table and mini seats for picnics amongst the flowers.  Beyond the lawn, in the point of the triangle, is a small retreat.  We imagined an arbour, or just a couple of large beanbags to sink into: it has been started.

The clients are "growing" the garden at their own pace.  They built the path.   A local builder put in posts and patio. Plants are added when time allows.  Ideas were developed in partnership; plans sketched out for guidance.  These photos were taken at various stages of construction. Already the garden feels bigger.  Attention is guided away from the fence, and into the garden making the space more restful.  

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