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Area: 3 acres

Humphry Repton created "Red Books" for his clients in the 1800s. Watercolours of landscapes were overlaid with images showing new possibilities.  Tiptoeing in these footsteps we use photo books. There is a certain magic about glimpsing an imagined space through a tracing paper window; and the hand drawn lines and plant suggestions bring the new garden to life.   


This garden already has vistas, a pond, a meadow.  Most hard landscaping is in place, but the softer elements lack structure.  A sense of form, shimmering grasses and vibrant perennials, fragrance, views framed by autumn flowering cherries: all will emerge as the garden evolves.

We are taking a gentle approach to the wilder spaces, keeping mounds of bramble at the outer edges.  Lightly contained, these echo the shape of distant copses. The clients' generosity towards wildlife extends to the tussocky meadow -  a home for small mammals and beneficial insects, and currently an ideal habitat for turned ankles. We will create wide mown paths with wildflower margins for bare foot wandering, and picnic spots with views. In between, the tussocks will be left and the meadow will be a place of  connection with nature.

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