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Area: 96 sq. m.

Structure is vital, and the solidity of function and form is always the foundation of a new design. The photos show the bare bones of this small plot in February just after completion.  New borders extend inwards to create opening and enclosure: planting will lend three dimensional structure, increasing in height from front to back, and from centre beds up to espaliered apples along the fences, with winter scented witch hazel and summer scented roses at mid level. 


The terrace, (slightly extended for comfortable dining) opens to a small lawn where a sleeper bench enveloped in alchemilla offers a different perspective.  Further exploration leads to a hanging seat, just large enough for two, hidden behind arching stems of Stachyurus in the furthest corner of the garden where the shed used to be.  A slightly narrowing perspective produces a subtle lengthening effect.  However the detail of the planning is disguised within the simplicity of the end result.


Evergreen structural plants will be pruned into neat forms. Perennials hidden below ground will in many cases have winter presence in future.  Although bare here, by summer the clients reported the garden bursting with life, the statue just visible behind Japanese anemones. The children disappeared from sight - whiling away time in the hidden parts of the garden.

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